Saturday, May 5, 2007

Sanctify Them In The Truth

Just yesterday I registered for the Truth Project Conference! I'm amazed at how the duties of a growing family and church make it so difficult to get away. But at last.

It's caused me to reflect upon the nature of Truth. Francis Schaeffer called it "true truth" to distinguish from the moral relativist's relative use of this term.

Jesus says, "sanctify them in your truth. Your Word is truth." This Word is ultimately Jesus himself, conveyed to us through the prophecies, miracles, teachings, and example embedded in the Holy Scriptures.

But Truth is comprehesive. As Del Tackett would assert, "you cannot travel in any direction where God has not spoken." This means that we need a COMPREHENSIVE knowledge of Scripture and how its teaching encompass a reality-based, robust, common--sense world and life view. Hopefully, this conference will equip me. Transform me. Motivate me to impart a Christian worldview to my neighbors and friends in Walton, NY.