Wednesday, May 16, 2007

'Fessing Up On Fathering...

"I believe this child is a possession of God entrusted to my care..."
So I believe with regard to my son Peter Edward Johnston: born May 15 at 7:47 p.m. weighing 8.0 lbs, 21 inches long at Fox Hospital, Oneonta, NY.
Obviously, I am a proud father. But on this "day after" I find myself a humbled father as well.
Fatherhood is so influential. But so dependent. I can't "make" my son love Jesus, obey Mom, or anything else. At least not in the sense of manipulating or coerscing. A father's duty is to persuade, model, inspire, consult. His job is to BE what he dreams of his son being...planting God-centered dreams in his little a rock of integrity upon which little lives are built.
Little children inspire big thoughts. For they are the future. Another chance (through procreation) or recreating children to emulate their Lord. May the old things (of my and Sue's natures) pass away, and may we impart deep, abiding character traits to our children. Use them for your glory, Father!