Saturday, October 18, 2008

Brothers In Arms

Just completed a delightful Saturday session meeting with my fellows elders in our local congregation. Bruce. Hartley. Jack. These men truly are my brothers in arms. We asked big questioned, and wrestled with where the Lord is taking us.

Unlike this picture, we don't wear a uniform. But we do carry the Sword of the Spirit. We wrestle, but it is not against flesh and blood. We do good to all men, while seeking out those who are the Lord's.

We are brothers, because we have the same Father in heaven. Our Big Brother gave his life that we might have life. Then he sent his Spirit to live within us. This means that we have the tightest of bonds, even as we labor to be what God has called us to be. Guys, I appreciate you. You have gifts and perspectives that I need. You bring substance that fills the many holes in my thinking. I'm glad to lock arms with such men, who are unashamedly servants of the Most High God.

Let's labor to live out the matters we've discussed. Let's BE (together) what God wants us to be. Let's lead his church forward into the Lord's will. Let's focuse together on intentional relationships ("R before I, except after T"). They make all the difference in the world.