Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cutting Loose For Kindergarten

My five-year-old daughter couldn't go to sleep last night ... and popped out of bed wide awake this morning. She never does either of those things, much less both of them together. But today's her first day of kindergarten.

So we posed for Mommy's picture on the front porch, then headed off to school. There were no tears, and Marta immediately connected with her friends. Nonetheless, I realize today that my job of raising my daughter just got harder.

No longer does she have 24-7 contact with Mom and Dad. Now there is a whole additional influence, and schedule, and set of priorities. Now it's not just our family.

The home-schooler in me revolts at the thought. It says: we are being watered-down. The Christian in me knows better. All good things that happen in this life, in me or in my children, come from the grace of Christ.
Pure ideology does not insure children turning out right.

I find myself as a 30-year-old dad needing to quietly let go. No, confidently send my 5-year-old out into God's big world (to a very kind teacher, for four hours a day. I mean, its just kindergarten, for crying out loud :-)). But because I rest in the sovereignty of God, I can let God be God.
I will be proactive and engaged in the lives of my children. I will memorize the catechism with them. Be faithful members of Christ's church. But what a delightful and joyful thing it is to entrust my children to the Lord, knowing that just like he cared for me so he will care for them.
Because he's a big God.