Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Shield Maiden Shines

Move over, Eowyn. Another example of feminine heroism burst onto the screen this winter in One Night With the King. Hadassah -- a.k.a. "Esther of Susa" -- stands firm amidst the intrigues of a mighty Empire.

In a clever spin, this film links the Greeks (purveyors of democracy) with the Jews (who believes no mortal can dominate), and puts them both in the sights of the Imperial ambitions of Xerxes. Nonetheless, this hero is presented as a manly man fed up with the "protocol" of his Empire. He truly craves and respects the noble Hebrew maid who reads to him. He and Hegai, the king's chief eunuch, grow to deeply respect this beautiful commoner whose heart is taken captive by the Word of God. Therefore, paradoxically, even amidst the oppressive manners of the royal court her heart is free to know, love, and serve the One True God. Ladies, here's a movie to challenge you in your faith, bravery, and Biblical womanhood.

I'll never read the book of Esther the same again...and I've got a lot of Persian (that is, Iranian) history to catch up on.