Thursday, February 22, 2007

Amazing Grace Campaign

The story of William Wilberfore is breaking out of obscurity into theaters this Friday as Amazing Grace celebrates the 200th anniversary of England's abolition of the Slave Trade. The Reformation of Manners (the name of Wilberforce's own book) has now become hip Hollywood fair. Thanks, LORD. Now give your people wisdom to critique and give feedback to this film. Ours was one of the 4,500 churches that sang Amazing Grace this past Sunday (God's Hymns in worship, Newton's song in a Sabbath afternoon lecture). We were blessed.
There are good things happening in the movie industry. Yet I fear that many are marketing morality rather than preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Let's remember the origin of the term "Grace" (the Scriptures), and not reduce it to MERELY a marketing gimmick. It's up to us Christians to follow up this non-Christ-centered film with the Christ-centered Gospel that animated and sustained this Christian Giant, William Wilberforce. May his name and his example be followed through the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!